The Smart Buildings eBook

ENGIE has sponsored The Facilities Show Smart Buildings eBook. James Spires, ENGIE's Smart Buildings Managing Director, introduces the eBook and highlights the benefits of smart building technology.

Everyone is talking about smart buildings today – at least, everyone involved in facilities and energy management. But do we really understand what smart buildings are; what they can do for our businesses and how we can implement them? All of these questions – and many more – are explored in the following chapters.

The benefits of smart buildings extend far beyond improved energy management. At their core, smart buildings are buildings that use technology to improve the lives of the people that use or manage them. Those benefits can be manifested in many ways, including improvements in health, safety and wellbeing, in comfort and accessibility, in energy or operational efficiency, in productivity gains or resource optimisation.

In this e-book, you can tap into the knowledge and expertise of some of the leading thinkers in the UK smart building arena. We help to define what a smart building is, and tackle some of the common misconceptions. We showcase specific examples of how smart buildings have been implemented and the outcomes they have achieved. We also explore how smart building technology can be used to improve wellbeing and hence productivity.

You will find advice on how to get started with smart buildings: what you need to consider and the questions you need to ask. You can benefit from the experience of others too – with tips on the common mistakes to avoid. By their nature, smart buildings require collaboration, most notably between facilities and IT teams, so we examine how those collaborations should work and where the key responsibilities lie. We’ll also take a glimpse into the future; as technology advances at pace, what might the smart buildings of tomorrow look like?

What you will discover above all is that, fundamentally, smart buildings are about harnessing technology for the benefit of people. I hope this guide will give you some thought-provoking insights into just how they do that – and how your business could put the exciting possibilities of smart buildings into practice.

Download your copy of the eBook from the Facilities Show website.

James Spires,

Smart Buildings Managing Director, ENGIE

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