The vision for sustainable success

ENGIE sponsored the recent sustainable business leadership survey by edie which examined what sustainable business leadership looks like and explored the drivers, challenges and opportunities that face sustainability leaders in businesses across the UK. Analysing the results of the survey, Jamie Quinn, ENGIE’s Corporate Responsibility and Environment Director explains how sustainable success demands a long-term vision.

“The findings of the 2019 Business Leadership survey provide a fascinating snapshot of the attitudes of business towards sustainability, and their priorities for the future.” Jamie observes.

“It’s a picture that mirrors our own view of the sustainability landscape. As a business, we recognise the way global trends, from climate change and population growth to technological innovations, are impacting businesses. ENGIE has positioned itself to address these growing issues, enabling us to work more closely with customers to manage their changing priorities.” 

The survey found that the top sustainable priorities for business remain energy efficiency and carbon reduction, while their primary concerns are climate change and resource scarcity. Most respondents agreed that they will be more committed to sustainability in 2019 than in the past, and that sustainability is the responsibility of all areas of the business.

“We believe this demands a blurring of departmental lines in businesses, with energy, facilities and estate managers adopting a more joined-up approach to delivering lasting and effective changes.” Jamie adds.

“Businesses need to embed sustainability in their long-term vision and to collaborate with others, both internally and externally. Our purpose is to improve lives through better living and working environments, which draws a clear connection between the activities we perform and the outcomes we create. 

“One of the biggest barriers we have experienced to businesses meeting their sustainable commitments is short termism – the need for growth today. This was the biggest challenge identified by Edie’s survey respondents too.

“The way to tackle this is to align long-term business objectives with sustainable objectives, and to make them a board-level priority. We have successfully adopted this approach at a corporate level through our Responsible Business Charter, and operationally with a number of key clients, establishing long-term partnerships that are aligned with customers’ sustainable priorities. This ensures that all parties are working towards the same goals, with mutual rewards achieved through energy and carbon savings, waste reduction, sustainable business growth and improved employee health and well-being. 

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