Kellistown Energy Storage Project - Community Benefit

Kellistown Community Benefit Fund

ENGIE recognises that in the areas where it operates the local community should benefit as much as possible. We therefore propose a €20,000 per annum (index linked) community benefit fund for community projects within 2km of the Kellistown Energy Storage Project, which will be paid upon commissioning and then through until decommissioning of the project.

Funding will be made available to community-based projects which benefit education, domestic renewable energy projects, energy saving/efficiency measures in people’s homes, sport and recreation projects or other projects of benefit to the local community.

The management of the fund would follow industry best practice principles: a Community Benefit Fund Committee would be established which would ensure residents closest to the scheme are directly involved in the distribution of funding.

We welcome suggestions from the community as to how such a fund could be used for local community projects. For more information and to suggest ways in which your community might benefit from this funding, please contact us by clicking here.

In addition to the direct financial benefit, ENGIE proposes to add additional value to the community by: