Energy and fuel poverty

Over the next three years, it is estimated that around £5 billion of investment will be needed in more than two million homes to meet Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) targets.

At ENGIE, we develop a wide range of opportunities and funding solutions for both social and private housing. We seek to address the challenges of fuel poverty, reducing carbon emissions, creating green collar jobs to support local economic growth and improving the health and well-being of residents.

Our teams have delivered a number of pioneering ECO projects up and down the UK, helping shape the way modern communities are delivered. Our expertise includes:

To date, we have secured more than £150 million of investment to help our customers tackle fuel poverty and install energy saving solutions to thousands of homes.

Not only do we deliver incredible efficiencies in new build homes, responsive maintenance and community regeneration, but we can also help secure the funding you need to deliver on your ambitions. ENGIE is a registered Green Deal provider.

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