About School Zero

School Zero - EQUANS Innovative Solutions

School Zero is EQUANS ‘retrofit’ solution to decarbonising the school estate.

 We have developed an approach that will: 

 Significantly reduce the energy consumption of school buildings

  • Create sustainable teaching and learning environments
  • Achieve net zero carbon accreditation

Our 11 stage process identifies the best bespoke technical solution for your school and also provides a linked package of supporting curriculum materials to enable pupils, staff and the wider school community to participate in the process.

EQUANS believe passionately that schools and young people can be a catalyst for community transition to net zero carbon so School Zero is a holistic approach to decarbonisation. 

Young people are quite rightly passionate about this subject.

Hope - Imagination - Innovation - Progress - Solutions 

The content we have developed, working with school leaders, teachers, leading specialists aims to provide a range of ideas and resources to help teachers develop their knowledge in this area and provide ideas that will fire the imagination of young people to become champions of sustainability and net zero carbon transition.

​More importantly we want to share school, teacher and learner ideas and stories on how they are making a positive change as part of the School Zero community.  This site has been developed to work with schools, to be a place where teachers can collect ideas, be pointed to useful resources and share their own successes and learner stories.


"We've created this new online community for schools passionate about sustainability and net zero carbon transition.  

We hope that this will grow organically as schools send us their content and young people can be working on solutions of tomorrow".

Mark Dolling, DIRECTOR –