Corporate Solutions

Smart solutions for today's dynamic corporate workplaces

Our integrated approach to facilities management and energy is designed to address the challenges faced by major corporate enterprises.

By combining smart buildings technology with energy services and intelligent facilities management, we are developing modern workplaces that operate at optimum efficiency while meeting the demands of today’s mobile, flexible and technology-driven workforces.

In addition, with pressure growing for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and energy consumption, ENGIE’s unique skill set means we’re in the prime position to design and deliver a zero-carbon transition plan for corporations, while meeting cost-reduction and employee well-being priorities.

Flexible facilities management for the modern workplace

ENGIE offers a full suite of hard and soft facilities management services, delivered in a way that matches the working preferences and priorities of your organisation. To support the increased use of flexible office space and hot desking, we offer smart technology, mobile maintenance teams and off-site helpdesk services with live contract performance data on your estate and assets captured in a secure dashboard portal.  

Our smart building solutions enable your office assets to be managed and controlled flexibly, so that working conditions are monitored and adjusted in real time according to demand. Combining the latest technology with our own expertise, we manage every aspect of your building operation, from mechanical and electrical maintenance, security services and cleaning to visitor management and environmental management. For organisations with smaller regional offices, our mobile technical teams provide a responsive facilities maintenance service, and planned services to ensure full statutory compliance.

All-round energy expertise for cost and carbon control

Energy management is a core speciality at ENGIE. We have expertise in everything from energy procurement and management to power purchasing and renewable energy sourcing – ensuring you minimise your energy spend, reduce your carbon footprint and fulfil your sustainable objectives. Our energy specialists can help you to procure energy in the most flexible way for your operations, and to source 100% renewable energy.

Through remote monitoring and automated controls, our smart building systems ensure that energy use and working conditions are optimised at all times. ENGIE can also provide asset-backed investment for clients in order to support the drive to zero-carbon over the long term – through the development of a trusted strategic partnership.

Why choose ENGIE?

✓ We can accelerate your transition to zero carbon, developing and delivering comprehensive strategies tailored to your estate.

✓ Integrated facilities management and energy services help to support your sustainability, efficiency, cost-reduction and employee well-being priorities. 

✓ Smart, technology-driven solutions provide the flexibility to manage offices in line with the changing demographic needs of today’s mobile, dynamic workforce. 

✓ Versatile hard and soft FM services adapt to your business model, with mobile teams to maintain your entire office portfolio.

✓ Energy supply and generation services enable you to reduce costs, source sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint. 

✓ Partnership approach ensures our energy and facilities specialists focus on delivering long-term benefits for your organisation.

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