Visitor Destination Solutions

Versatile energy and facilities services for the demands of diverse destinations

ENGIE has a proven track record of managing the energy and facilities requirements of large sports stadia, museums, shopping centres, heritage attractions and leisure destinations. From vast energy-intensive open-air venues to sensitive heritage structures, we offer the expertise and smart technology solutions required to meet the challenges faced by diverse leisure organisations. We help many businesses to achieve their zero-carbon goals, maximise space utilisation and reduce costs while providing a first-class experience for visitors.

By integrating energy services and facilities management, we provide a joined-up approach to delivering your objectives, with all members of our specialist teams working to fulfil the same priorities.

Smart facilities management that adapts to your needs

Managing large-scale facilities in a way that safeguards the health and well-being of employees and visitors is a key priority for leisure destinations. Our smart building solutions enable environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity and air quality to be monitored remotely and automatically controlled to provide the most comfortable conditions. Smart systems can gather a wide range of data from any given venue, enabling organisations to provide a whole variety of value-added services to customers. These could include wayfinding and orientation services, information on the nearest toilets or food outlets, and a host of other real-time data to enhance the visitor experience.

Maximising revenues from large venues that are used infrequently is another core objective. Our flexible facilities management provision can provide on-demand maintenance and servicing to match fluctuating requirements. This versatility enables services to be ramped up when required to support events such as conferences, concerts or exhibitions.

Maximising energy control and management

Controlling energy use and costs is a major challenge for visitor destinations. Our expertise in sustainable sourcing, energy procurement and energy management provides valuable energy, cost and carbon-saving solutions. Our demand-side balancing services enable large venues with flexible energy use, such as sports stadia, to earn additional income by offering spare capacity to National Grid.

Installing embedded generation, combined with battery storage, is an effective way to maintain control over energy costs. For large stadia or retail parks that are expensive to light and heat, it provides a versatile self-supply solution that can also benefit the local community, by offering connections to the decentralised network.

Why Choose ENGIE? 

✓ Integrated FM and energy services provide a coordinated approach to meet your cost-reduction, zero-carbon and visitor experience objectives.

✓ Smart building solutions optimise building comfort, energy use and facilities maintenance provision.

✓ Embedded generation and battery solutions provide reliable, sustainable power and greater cost control.

✓ Smart technology provides value-added real-time services and information to enhance the visitor experience.

✓ Flexible facilities management delivery adapts to fluctuating usage of buildings or venues.

ENGIE's Smart Building Solutions Optimise The Olympic Park
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