Cashback terms and conditions

We/Us/Our:                     ENGIE Power Limited  

You/Your:                       Customer Name [the Contracting Entity]

Supply Period:               Supply Period Start and End Dates

A   Definitions

The following definitions shall apply in this Product Appendix:

“ Cashback ” is a sum of two hundred- and fifty-pounds sterling (£250)

Any capitalised terms used in this Product Appendix but not defined above shall have the meaning set out in the Terms & Conditions.

B   Cashback eligibility

B.1       Cashback will be credited to you if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  B.1.1   the duration of the Supply Contract is no less than 24 months;

  B.1.2    we become (and remain) the Registered Supplier of the Supply Points for the duration of the Supply Contract; and

  B.1.3    the Supply Contract is not terminated for any reason whatsoever before the End Date; and

  B.1.4    you have not previously agreed this Product Appendix in respect of any other supply contract for the same contract period and/or Meter Points with us.

B.2       Cashback will be credited to you on the first Consumption Invoice issued to you after this Product Appendix forms part of the Supply Contract (provided always there must be at least 15 days between that date and the intended date of issue of the next Consumption Invoice, otherwise Cashback will be applied as a credit in the next Consumption Invoice).

B.3       If, at any point during the Supply Contract, you no longer meet the eligibility criteria set out in  B.1 above, any Cashback paid to you will be fully recoverable by us. We will send  you a Reconciliation Invoice, which will be payable in accordance with the Supply Contract.