Airport and Airline Solutions

Maximising value and efficiency for airports and airlines

Airports are complex environments, combining many kinds of infrastructure, networks and a wide range of services, with the movement of people, goods and utilities. ENGIE has the global experience and the energy and facilities management expertise to design, build, operate and maintain the infrastructure and services required for today’s low-carbon airports.

We are committed to forming long-term partnerships with operators of commercial and private airports, as well as airlines and air freight companies, to help deliver a seamless passenger journey and to operate facilities as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Our aviation services

1. Zero-carbon transition

As a leading provider of both energy and facilities management services, ENGIE is in a unique position to develop comprehensive zero-carbon strategies for airports and airlines, covering carbon offsetting schemes such as CORSIA, energy management, renewable generation, battery storage and facilities management. Our range of in-house capabilities enable us to provide large-scale integrated solutions for all factors that influence carbon emissions, from the way energy is generated to how it is consumed, managed and monitored.

2. Smart airports

ENGIE’s smart airport solution provides technology that integrates data from multiple building control systems, passenger and asset-tracking systems, security operations, staff management and other systems to give operators a real-time understanding of what is happening at the airport. Through predictive analytics, the software can forecast the needs of the airport in real time, enabling passenger-management systems, security, heating, air-conditioning and other assets to be controlled accurately and ahead of time to efficiently manage flows of people through the airport.

By improving the predictability of operations, ground teams can have more certainty in their plans improving their capacity. 

3. Energy supply, generation and management

We design comprehensive energy solutions, from offering flexible energy supply contracts to installing on-site ‘embedded’ renewable or low-carbon generation plant. We can design and implement fully decentralised electricity networks to provide airports with local energy production and a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Our specialists can manage the whole energy-efficiency cycle, including energy audits, consumption monitoring and related analysis, to ensure all assets are working at optimum efficiency while providing the required environmental conditions for the comfort of staff and passengers.

4. Facilities management

Our capabilities cover the full range of facilities management services for airports, from maintenance, engineering and technical services through to security, cleaning and passenger services.

ENGIE’s smart building technology integrates data from multiple building control systems, passenger and asset-tracking systems, security operations and staff management systems to allow automation of maintenance and asset control. Analytics allow us to prevent faults before they happen and create a highly responsive maintenance service which maximises up-time.

We pride our cleaning and passenger support teams on the quality of customer experience they provide. They are equipped with leading technology and innovative techniques which ensure high standards and efficiency at all times.

5. Operations

There are a huge range of services we can provide to help airline and airport operations run smoothly, safely and efficiently. For instance, we can install and maintain baggage handling systems, along with all related management software. These systems can interface with existing software, such as flight information systems, to maximise the efficiency of baggage processing and management.

To facilitate efficient airside operations, we can provide airside vehicles and aircraft docking guidance systems (VGDS), manage hangar maintenance services, and install and maintain ground power units (GPU) and pre-conditioned air (PCA) units.

Smart Airports ready for take-off
ENGIE's Sustainable Transport Solutions