Airport Solutions

Maximising value and efficiency for airports

Airports are complex environments, combining many kinds of infrastructure, networks and a wide range of services, with the movement of people, goods and utilities. To optimise efficiencies and to operate sustainably, airports need to be managed in an integrated way, so that their energy, water, lighting, communication, heating, cooling, Passenger Sensitive Equipment, building operations and related systems are designed and operated consistently and effectively.

ENGIE has the global experience and the energy and facilities management expertise to design, build, operate and maintain the infrastructure and services required for today’s low-carbon airports. We are committed to forming long-term partnerships with operators of large commercial and private airports, as well as airlines and air freight companies, to help deliver a seamless passenger journey and to operate buildings, infrastructure and facilities as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Our airport services focus on three areas:

1. Energy supply, generation and management

We design comprehensive energy solutions for airports, from offering flexible energy supply contracts to installing on-site ‘embedded’ renewable or low-carbon generation plant. With more than 50% of energy set to be generated locally in future, we can design and implement fully decentralised electricity networks. These can include storage, energy-management systems, smart metering and even electric vehicle charging systems to provide airports with local energy production and a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

We have vast experience of designing, installing and operating district cooling and heating systems. These can be fuelled by resources like biomass, geothermal, solar or waste, and typically allow for energy gains of 30% and CO₂ emission reductions of up to 50% over conventional systems.

Our specialists can manage the whole energy-efficiency cycle, including energy audits, consumption monitoring and related analysis, to ensure all assets are working at optimum efficiency while providing the required environmental conditions for the comfort of staff and passengers.

2. Facilities management

Our capabilities cover the full range of facilities management services for airports, from maintenance, engineering and technical services through to security, cleaning and passenger services.

The technical and maintenance services we provide cover all electrical and mechanical systems, heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), lift maintenance, refrigeration assets and much more. We adapt to local conditions and have extensive experience of working worldwide to build installations for any environment, which we then maintain and operate.

Our security services are tailored to each airport and can include CCTV, access control, intrusion detection, video analysis and other technologies. Our fire-protection systems include full detection and response management, incorporating software connected to building management systems.

3. Airport operations

There are a huge range of services we can provide to help airport operations run smoothly, safely and efficiently. For instance, we can install and maintain baggage handling systems, along with all related management software. These systems can interface with existing software, such as flight information systems, to maximise the efficiency of baggage processing and management.

We can install, maintain and operate systems to make passenger journeys through the airport as smooth and comfortable as possible. These include state-of-the-art passenger security checks, x-ray systems and passenger boarding bridges.

To facilitate efficient airside operations, we can provide airside vehicles and aircraft docking guidance systems (VGDS), manage hangar maintenance services, and install and maintain ground power units (GPU) and pre-conditioned air (PCA) units. All of these services can be provided to airports or airlines.

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