Sustainable Transport Solutions

ENGIE has the expertise, skills and resources to offer a full range of facilities management (FM) and energy services across all transportation sectors. Our knowledge and experience of transport enables us to assess challenges facing the industry, including the increasing pressure to deliver net-carbon zero.

Our approach is to work with our customers to understand their priorities and develop intelligent solutions to help minimise carbon emissions, optimise resources, reduce costs, and create comfortable, safe and efficient facilities for the travelling public.

Leading the transition to zero carbon

ENGIE is uniquely positioned to develop comprehensive zero-carbon strategies for transportation, from the way energy is generated to how it is consumed, managed and monitored.

Our capabilities include providing funding and as-a-service solutions, allowing customers to achieve zero carbon with little or no capital expenditure.

Energy supply, generation and management

Our combination of energy supply, renewables and generation services mean we can help the transport sector transition to net-zero carbon and make the most of opportunities in today’s more sustainable, decentralised and diversified energy markets.

We design tailored, comprehensive energy solutions offering flexible energy supply contracts, on-site ‘embedded’ renewable generation and storage, or integrated end-to-end energy strategies. Our specialists can manage the whole energy-efficiency cycle, including energy audits, consumption monitoring and related analysis, to ensure all assets are working at optimum efficiency while providing the required environmental conditions for the comfort of staff and passengers.

Transforming passenger environments

Our smart building solutions enable us to transform operator and passenger environments, helping to meet the challenges of increasing passenger numbers, growing pressure to decarbonise and tightening compliance legislation.

With integrated facilities management services, supported by the latest smart building technology, we can help you to understand and configure your estate to improve operational performance and passenger experience. We can provide real-time understanding of what’s happening on our clients’ estate, allowing them to respond quickly and minimise disruption.

Why choose ENGIE?

✓  We can accelerate your transition to zero carbon, developing and delivering comprehensive strategies tailored to your estate.

✓  We offer unique smart building solutions to overcome your organisation’s specific challenges.

✓ Our fully integrated FM services help you to optimise resources, reduce costs, improve safety and enhance passenger services.

✓ Our energy services enable you to improve efficiency, save money, create self-supply networks and reduce your carbon footprint.

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