Making Zero Carbon Happen

The next ten years will be vital to address the climate crisis. The time is now for communities, businesses and individuals to enact change. Through a unique combination of capabilities in energy, services and regeneration, ENGIE is well placed as the partner of choice to help businesses and local authorities in the transition to a zero carbon future.

Here are some of the ways which we are currently enabling our partners achieve performance in harmony with responsibility…

We are reducing customer consumption of carbon through innovative energy and services solutions

In the coming decades, the places we live and work in will be transformed by zero carbon buildings. We are developing the breadth of energy and services capabilities to transform every home, building and place to zero carbon, providing a single integrated solution for our business and local authority partners.

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We are greening the energy supply through investment in decarbonised and decentralised infrastructure

In the future, infrastructure will be decentralised, sustainable and carbon neutral. We are developing tomorrows infrastructure, from retrofitting and building energy efficient homes and buildings equipped with solar PV and EV solutions; regenerating and powering communities through private wire networks and district heating; to investing nationally in a portfolio of flexible and responsive low carbon assets, including storage, and the development of wind and solar.

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We enable progress through technology, data and innovative partnerships

Green innovation and data will rapidly accelerate the pace of change. That’s why we are investing in Smart grids, EV and battery storage, optimised energy management of cities, embedding smart, connected devices within the home to improve efficiencies.

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We are shaping the future of responsible business

The transition to a net zero carbon economy must be fair, democratic and equitable. Companies thrive by working in harmony with communities and we’re committed to operating at the highest economic, social & environmental standards.

In 2018 we launched a Responsible Business Charter with independent scrutiny board, chaired by Lord Kerslake, to oversee progress: an industry-leading step in transparent business practice which enables the business to continually improve its operations. The latest scrutiny board report is published here.

ENGIE was a key partner alongside Global Action Plan in creating the Clean Van Commitment – which resulted in a pledge from many of the UK’s largest fleet operators to drive the increase in use of electric vans. As part of this ENGIE announced its commitment to begin switching to an electric vehicle (EV) fleet to improve air quality and help meet its own decarbonisation targets.

Your partner in the zero-carbon transition