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Active in the UK energy market for over 20 years ENGIE is a global energy player with UK investments in renewable energy and storage, whilst supplying energy to organisations of all sizes. We are committed to increasing investment in a portfolio of both flexible and responsive low carbon assets, including energy storage, wind and solar.

By 2025 ENGIE has committed to achieve 50GW of installed renewable capacity and 80GW by 2030. Globally, the ENGIE Group employs 170,000 people. In 2020 the group achieved revenues of €55.8 billion, whilst spending €190 million on research and development. We also installed an additional 3GW of renewable capacity.

Together, ENGIE Group’s 1,000 employees in the UK are actively engaged in the transition to net zero carbon, through the operation of low carbon infrastructure, and helping business customers to reduce energy consumption, and green their supply. We are also shaping the future of responsible business by reconciling economic performance with a positive impact on people and the planet.

EQUANS, the new brand for ENGIE’s technical services and regeneration activities in the UK & Ireland, now has a dedicated website at

It's good to be green


We can provide a number of different Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that suit your business needs including short term, long term and Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs).

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Renewable power

We can offer renewable power options that meet the needs of all our customers.


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Zero carbon

We are committed to supporting our customers on their zero carbon transition.


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See how we can help your business

I'm a large business, what can you do for me?

As a specialist business energy supplier, with a track record of successful partnerships with major organisations, ENGIE has an in-depth understanding of the needs and priorities of large businesses.

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I'm a SME, what can you do for me?

ENGIE is committed to helping small to medium sized businesses move to a low carbon workplace by providing clean, affordable energy solutions.

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Our activities in the UK

Energy supply for business

Providing small to medium sized businesses with clean, affordable and innovative energy solutions

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Energy supply for large business

Delivering innovative solutions and support to enable our customers to manage their energy in a way that suits their business.

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PPAs for renewable generators

Working with generators to maximise the income they can receive for their renewable generation assets.

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First Hydro

ENGIE's First Hydro Company operates two pumped-storage hydroelectricity facilities in North Wales – Dinorwig and Ffestiniog. These plants provide rapid-response power to National Grid at times of system stress or intermittent power supply.

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Storengy UK manages the largest gas storage facility in the UK, at Stublach in Cheshire

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ENGIE Impact

ENGIE Impact supports the acceleration of sustainability transformation for corporations, cities and governments.

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RED Engineering

An ENGIE Impact company, RED provides technical expertise to deliver market leading building services and ICT infrastructure engineering solutions to support customers to accelerate zero carbon transition

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Ocean Winds

Ocean Winds is an ENGIE joint venture (50:50 with EDPR) which invests in offshore wind, a technology which plays a key role in the UK’s net zero plans. Ocean Winds owns 25% of the 1,000 MW Moray East offshore windfarm.

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ENGIE is a global energy player specialising in renewable energies and low-carbon distributed energy infrastructures, helping its clients to achieve their decarbonisation targets. Thanks to our industrial approach, and guided by our corporate purpose, we are in a unique position to build tomorrow's low-carbon energy systems and meet the challenges of climate change.