ENGIE Assure

ENGIE Assure offers a guaranteed saving of 5% on energy costs over the contract period. Crucially, these savings are achieved without the need for any capital expenditure. The 5% savings are measured against a baseline year, with adjustments made to allow for factors such as weather and tariff changes.

Guaranteed 5% cost savings – with no capital expenditure

Your Assure contract will run seamlessly alongside your ENGIE facilities management contract, with the guaranteed savings delivered entirely through improved energy management, control protocols and plant and asset optimisation.

By taking control of both energy and facilities management, ENGIE ensures that the energy-efficiency measures we identify are properly implemented and followed through on site, so that the predicted energy savings are achieved.

Who is it for?

ENGIE Assure complements our facilities management services. It is ideal for any commercial organisation running large office buildings and associated facilities.

The ENGIE Assure journey

1. Qualification
We analyse historical energy invoices and data on external factors, such as weather, to create your consumption and cost baselines. These help us establish your reference annual consumption and cost figures against which your 5% savings are calculated.

2. Design
We design your ENGIE Assure guarantee, which will include a projection of cost savings over the contract, and create an action plan and performance review process.

3. Set-up
Our energy manager will work closely with the facilities management team to implement the energy-saving measures and deliver the guaranteed cost savings.

4. Reporting
You will receive performance reports and our energy service invoice. We will review progress regularly with you and the facilities management team.

How it works

We will bill you for the reduced energy costs from day one – so you will immediately pay 5% less than the baseline cost for your energy. ENGIE will pay your supply invoice (whether we are your energy supplier or not). At the same time, we start to implement your energy-saving measures, so that by the end of the contract period the energy saving of at least 5% has been achieved. Any savings in excess of the 5% are shared between your business and ENGIE, in a gain-share arrangement.

Why choose ENGIE Assure?

✓ Guaranteed cost, energy and carbon savings.

✓ Risk-free way to cut energy costs.

✓ No capital expenditure required.

✓ Works in harmony with your facilities management contract.

✓ Save energy with no impact on building comfort levels.


ENGIE Assure saves Grant Thornton 18% of energy costs