Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Installing CHP on your site provides you with electricity and heat, avoiding non-commodity costs in traditional electricity supply contracts, reducing your carbon footprint and providing greater energy resilience for your site.

ENGIE is a trusted leader in designing, financing, installing and maintaining CHP units of all sizes.

Benefits of CHP

CHP produces electricity and heat (hot water or steam) to meet your site’s demand. Local power production removes exposure to electricity distribution and other non-commodity costs found in traditional electricity supply contracts. Selling your surplus power to the grid also provides an income stream.

A reliable onsite asset with grid backup also provides peerless energy security for your site while providing power at lower carbon intensity than the grid. ENGIE CHP is therefore often a compelling investment.

Market leader

ENGIE is a market leader and trusted partner in designing, building, financing, and operating CHPs. Our solutions cover both co-generation (heat and power) and tri-generation (heat, cooling and power) by combining multiple technologies to meet your specific needs.

Turnkey offer

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