Improving Homes Today for a Zero Carbon Tomorrow

Existing housing stock poses a greater risk to the UK’s net zero carbon targets than new homes or developments, so we have to take action today for a greater and greener tomorrow. ENGIE is committed to supporting our clients’ to navigate this ambitious journey through innovative zero carbon turn-key solutions. Our flexible and integrated approach ensures optimum carbon savings in the most cost-effective way, in lockstep with the governments’ clean growth strategy.

ENGIE has developed a fabric-first, one-stop-shop approach to decentralise, digitalise and decarbonise homes; offering our clients a viable solution to future proof their housing stock and meet the 2050 target.

ENGIE Zero is a whole house retrofit solution that guarantees reduced carbon emissions and energy bills through transforming dwellings into warmer, healthier, more comfortable homes.

ENGIE Zero can show savings against a ‘Business as Usual’ scenario for clients’ planned and responsive investment budgets and deployed patient capital.

These savings are combined with other revenue streams and government incentives used to finance the upfront costs of the works, including Energy Companies Obligations (ECO) funding, Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Grid balancing agreements and the resident's comfort plan.


  • Energy Companies Obligations (ECO) funding
  • Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  • Grid balancing agreements
  • The resident's comfort plan


For more details please contact...

  • James Cook -
    Divisional Director
    01992 650 333