Infill Developments

A cost-effective solution to the housing shortage in major towns and cities.

Due to the lack of land available in built-up areas, we have developed an extensive, innovative offering of infill developments to cater for our clients' demands for additional property.

It is a bespoke solution to increase a building’s capacity; using the disused space above or alongside an existing property.

Clients can rapidly increase their number of homes, whilst making significant savings compared to traditional building methods such as a total rebuild or the demolition of an existing property.

The simplicity of the scheme enables us to speed up the planning process.

We can expand and improve assets already owned – to both high and low rise buildings – without the need for additional investment in land or property.

Through our expertise and experience, this can all be completed without decanting existing residents who can typically remain living in their homes while the works take place. This avoids either a net loss in available homes during the works or increased bed and breakfast charges.

Our skilled team, who specialise in integrated design and construction, are working in partnership with local authorities and housing associations to successfully deliver innovative infill developments.

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