Private Rented Homes

Delivering private rented homes

ENGIE is at the forefront of the private rented housing market. We use our land sourcing and construction platform to identify and secure land, plan, design and build for rent homes right across the UK.  We specialise in multifamily buildings alongside low-density housing.

We work for large and small financing institutions and operators that wish to invest or grow their private rental operating businesses.  Our active partnerships in this area include Delancey, Atlas Residential Limited, Sigma, Home Group and Citrus.

With all our new home building experience and supply chain and our commitment to creating great quality housing, we’re perfectly placed to be a valuable partner in the private rental market.  We have invested in developing typologies that are tailored to this market – reducing build costs, increasing build efficiencies and therefore driving strong yields for our partners.

Our partners in this sector are attracted by our ability to either be their build partner – or take a larger role in sourcing and planning the land to deliver high-quality schemes that will attract high levels of demand from renters who are looking for great places to live.

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