12th May 2023

Pigs in the Wood

ENGIE Product and Marketing team members recently volunteered at Pigs in the Wood, a non-profit sanctuary for pigs and other rescued animals located in the village of Scissett, Huddersfield.

Upon arrival at the sanctuary in the morning, the ENGIE team were greeted by resident volunteers who provided a guided tour. Throughout the day, the team were divided into groups to complete various tasks. These tasks included cleaning and replacing the hay in the pig's beds, tidying the chicken coop, painting the merchandise stall for visitors, picking up waste within the premises, and washing the pig's bowls after feeding to ensure a fresh water supply. The ENGIE team had the opportunity to meet the diverse range of animals at the sanctuary and learn about their stories and the rehoming process.

ENGIE employees are granted two corporate social responsibility days annually, which aim to empower them to make a positive impact in their local communities through engaging in volunteer activities.

Pigs in the Wood Charity


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Pigs in the Woods rely on volunteers to ensure that needs of the pigs and other animals are being met, you can find out more about Pigs in the Wood and how you can get involved on their website.