Corporate Responsibility

As an industry leader, ENGIE takes all aspects of Corporate Responsibility (CR) seriously. Our purpose is to improve lives through better working and living environments, enabling progress in a harmonious way

Our energy and services capabilities play a leading role in the UK’s transition towards a more secure and sustainable future. We are dedicated to developing new sustainable services delivering low-carbon, energy-efficient places and spaces. This puts us at the forefront of providing sustainable solutions to our customers.

We believe that acting responsibly across our business through socially and environmentally positive contributions will help us to achieve financial sustainability. Indeed, the performance of our business is measured not just in terms of financial metrics, but also through wider social and environmental achievements.

Wilfrid Petrie - CEO, ENGIE UK:

“We recognise that a successful organisation not only focusses on financial performance but is also able to demonstrate how it benefits society and the environment.

The challenge is not something we can achieve alone and only with the support of our employees, suppliers, communities and wider stakeholders will we be able to succeed. Our vision is to lead the way in innovative services and sustainable energy solutions for our chosen markets. ENGIE is committed to the responsible growth of its businesses in response to the central challenges of the energy transition, combating climate change and making responsible use of natural resources. Within Our Future Plan we have challenging targets to help us continually improve our social and environmental performance,” 

OurFuture Plan

OurFuture Plan, is a strategic framework to support our commitment to manage and operate places and spaces in an effective way to create a positive, lasting environmental, economic and social legacy. In simple terms, OurFuture Plan is about making our company a responsible and sustainable business, working with our customers, employees, suppliers and communities to achieve a sustainable future for all. There are three key themes:

OurFuure - themes and goals

OurFuture – targets & governance

Environmental and social responsibility is governed at the very highest level within ENGIE at our Board. ENGIE has also developed a Divisional and Sector based Committee system which works to ensure that divisional and sector strategy is delivered.

Divisional Committees have been created to support, review and embed responsible business practices across UK BU operations and to meet divisional targets, Our Future Plan commitments and other requirements from ENGIE group. The CR Committees meet as a minimum three times annually.

All employees at ENGIE are expected to include a mandatory goal relating to Health& Safety and Corporate Social Responsibility as part of the annual objective setting exercise. This ensures that employees think about how to embed responsible business practices in their roles.

To ensure we deliver on our commitments, ENGIE has developed a set of objectives and targets to measure our performance. An annual report on our progress against these can be found on the links below:

ENGIE UK & Ireland CR Report 2017

ENGIE UK & Ireland CR Report 2016

Social Value

Social Impact

Through our range of services we have a positive impact on society including increased employment, aiding patient recovery, creating safe and effective learning and working environments. In addition the work we are developing on raising awareness of air quality and promoting green mobility will help to improve health and wellbeing in the urban environment.

Our employees can support this through their volunteering time, fundraising and volunteering for the ENGIE Chosen Charities, supporting people from disadvantaged groups into employment and more.

It is our responsibility to manage our activities in such a way to reduce risk and maximise the positive impacts that we deliver, to enable us to improve the lives of communities and clients that we serve.


Measuring social value

ENGIE has developed a social impact framework measurement tool that enables us to reflect and better communicate the social value delivered by all our operations and Corporate Responsibility activity. This includes a financial return on investment figure, but also enables us to report on the real differences that our services make to the lives of local communities.

We are already delivering social value through various projects and initiatives. We partner with national and local organisations to support employment and training programmes. At the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, ‘Our Parklife’, a Community Interest Company, partners with third sector organisations to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits. Examples of these benefits are below, and Our Parklife’s 2017 Annual Report can be downloaded here.

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