ENGIE supports Yorkshire Water’s switch to renewable energy

7th February 2018

In partnership with ENGIE, Yorkshire Water is now using only electricity from renewable sources – supplied by ENGIE - to power its operational sites. The company is also moving towards 20% of its van fleet being electric by 2020.

This latest move is part of a 5-year energy supply and services partnership between ENGIE and Yorkshire Water, which sees the two companies working together to support Yorkshire Water’s sustainable energy strategy.

Yorkshire Water has already purchased its first 10 electric vans and will buy at least 40 more by 2020. This will help offset 140 tonnes of carbon emissions annually and generate cost-savings of around £536,000 over the seven-year life span of the vehicles. The project has resulted in Yorkshire Water being the first in the water sector to be granted ‘Go Ultra Low’ accreditation.

Andy Clark, Head of Procurement at Yorkshire Water, said: “We’re really excited to be starting our journey towards a vehicle fleet entirely powered by renewable energy and are proud to achieve the prestigious ‘Go Ultra Low’ status. As a sustainability-focussed business we recognise the need to lower our carbon footprint and play our part in delivering clean air in our towns and cities across Yorkshire.”

Robin Heap, Head of Electric Vehicles Infrastructure at ENGIE, added: “We are delighted to be able to support Yorkshire Water’s decarbonisation and air quality improvement targets. ENGIE is already working in partnership with Yorkshire Water to deliver significant energy and cost reductions and this is another really positive step in achieving their sustainable energy strategy.”

Currently, Yorkshire Water generates 12 per cent of its own electricity from renewable sources such as anaerobic digestion. The electric vehicles, which have a range of 70-100 miles before needing to be re-charged, will support Leeds City Council’s Clean Air Zone proposals as it aims to reduce air pollution in the city.