What is a Smart Meter?

Business Smart Meters measure your energy consumption and can send regular consumption information directly to us for use on your bills, so there is no need to take manual meter readings.

A Smart Meter can show you how much energy you are consuming. It can be programmed with your tariff information, so you can also see how much you are spending on energy. With a Smart Meter, you will have no more estimated bills* so you only pay for what you use.

The latest generation of Smart Meters will replace existing gas and electricity meters and can communicate with all energy suppliers, so there will be no interruptions to your remote meter readings if you switch your energy supplier.

Please only apply for a Smart Meter if you are an active ENGIE customer and don’t already have a AMR/SMART meter installed.

Benefits of having a Smart Meter

<strong>No Extra Cost </strong><br>
There is no extra cost installing a Smart Meter*

No Extra Cost
There is no extra cost installing a Smart Meter*

<strong>Low business impact</strong><br>
Weekend and evening installations available

Low business impact
Weekend and evening installations available

<strong>Automatic Reading</strong><br>
No requirement to submit readings, minimising site visits. **

Automatic Reading
No requirement to submit readings, minimising site visits. **

<strong>Accurate Billing</strong><br>
No manual reads means no more estimated energy bills. **

Accurate Billing
No manual reads means no more estimated energy bills. **

<strong>Energy Consumption</strong><br>
Accurately track your energy consumption in real time

Energy Consumption
Accurately track your energy consumption in real time

<strong>Greater Control</strong><br>
You have greater control over your energy consumption

Greater Control
You have greater control over your energy consumption

What will happen once you request a Smart Meter?

When you complete an online form or contact our customer service team letting us know you would like a Smart Meter, the information will be sent directly to our Metering Team.

After a few eligibility checks have been carried out, we will pass your information to one of our agents/installers. 

They will then arrange to contact you to book an appointment in around 2-3 weeks.

Smart meter installation

When our installer contacts you to arrange the booking, you will need to answer some questions about the site and meter currently in situ. They will also run through some important things that need to be considered ahead of the booking, such as; 

  • The Electricity/Gas will need to be turned off for around 45 minutes
  • The Meter will need to be clear from any obstructions to allow the engineer access
  • There will need to be somebody over the age of 18 on the property at the time of the appointment

Once the work has been carried out at site, the installer will inform us and we will do the rest. 

Then you can look forward to your new accurate bills. 

If the engineer cannot carry out the work on the day due to other works that may need to be completed. They will inform you and Engie so we can work together to find a solution and get your Smart Meter installed. 

*Please note, if you already have an AMR/SMART Meter Installed you have already been upgraded and so we will not actively be rolling out further upgrades on these sites.

More about our installers


Siemens Plc are a global organisation working end to end across multiple markets.  Predominantly: Energy, Industry and Healthcare.

At present, Siemens provide Engie with a range of metering services.  These include HH and NHH meter asset provision, meter operations and data collection.  Most recently we have undertaken a large rollout project to install smart meters.  Siemens has worked closely with Engie to ensure we are providing services that add value to customers, and cause as little disruption to their day to day business as possible when installing smart metering.


IMServ is one of the UK’s leading Meter Operators (MOP) and Data Collectors (DC) and is an award winning pioneer of metering and data collection services in the utility sector. IMServ is headquartered in Milton Keynes, UK. Through the government-mandated smart meter rollout, IMServ is playing a central role in the energy transition, making energy usage more efficient while helping to cut emissions. 

IMServ’s metering and data collection services cover 25% of the UK’s entire electricity consumption, monitoring 80 billion units of energy data. Through utilising its industry-leading visualisation tool, DataVision, IMServ helps organisations understand their energy usage better, providing insights to drive efficiencies and sustainability improvements.

Energy Assets

We offer a broad range of innovative metering and data services for electricity, gas, water, fibre and renewables, as well as future-proofed network construction and ownership.

We’re trusted by energy suppliers, developers, contractors, and blue-chip end users to deliver fully accredited meter exchanges, upgrades, installations, removals, and disconnections. We operate across Britain, supported by our network of offices.

As an approved Meter Asset Manager (MAM) and Meter Operator (MOP), we own, operate, and maintain metering systems over their lifecycle. We complete 1,000s of metering installations and exchanges every year for our clients, from smart meters to complex turbine installations.

With all these advantages, why wait?

How to upgrade

Fill in your details on the form below and we'll contact you when a meter installer is in your area.

If you're unsure which meter is suitable for your business, please get in touch with our team who will advise you.


Want to know more about Smart Meters?
Check out our FAQ page for commonly asked questions.

FAQ page

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