Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) days allow our employees to help out within the local community with important causes. Our CSR days give our employees the chance to make a difference in the local community through volunteer work. This volunteer work gives our employees and company, the opportunity to create a substantial positive impact on the local community with significant contributions.


Throughout the year we look to support charities through various fundraising activities. Supporting causes which align with our company ethos is an important part of our businesses and allows us to support our staff in their fundraising efforts whilst highlighting the key work which many charities within the UK do.

After the school council at St Anthony's Primary raised that the school grounds were looking a little sad and unloved, the Head reached out to ENGIE for some support.

A team of 7 visited for a day in June and transformed an area adjacent to the playground. Trees were cut back, weeds removed, bark laid and flowers planted. Many children came and thanked us personally for making their playground beautiful again. It was a great opportunity to give back to the community and see the pleasure on the children's faces.


Mary Eley, Senior Pricing Analyst

It was such a great day at the donkey sanctuary, great to spend time as a team and also meet the people that work at the centre. I can totally understand how therapeutic donkeys are as I was totally smitten with Bob.


Joanne Gibbons, Head of Product and Marketing