Electric Vehicles (EV) charging solutions

Moving your fleet to electric vehicles can help reduce your fleet costs and achieve your business sustainable targets

ENGIE, the EV experts can design, install and manage safe, efficient, reliable vehicle charging solutions.

Investing in electric vehicles for your fleet will significantly reduce your running and maintenance costs, enhance your sustainable credentials, improve employee engagement and decarbonise your business, opening up new opportunities throughout the supply chain.

EV expertise backed by renewable energy

Migrating your fleet to electric vehicles requires careful planning and implementation to ensure it delivers the desired benefits for your business and employees. ENGIE has a strong track record of providing electric vehicle charging solutions, having provided 60,000 charge points globally. By combining this expertise with our renewable electricity contracts, we offer a complete package of services to help you implement and manage a fully sustainable electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

EV Box and ENGIE

Our EV capabilities:

You can benefit from our complete end-to-end service provision, taking you from initial consultation and planning through to design, installation, and ongoing infrastructure maintenance and management.

Or you can choose any one of our specialist services in isolation, to suit your requirements.

Our full-service capabilities include:

EV fleet migration planning
We work closely with your business to devise a charging solution to support your move to EV, taking you from feasibility assessment and technology planning to infrastructure deployment and post-implementation analysis.

Customised, easy-to-use charge points
ENGIE is a leading manufacturer of EV charge points, which can be tailored with a range of colours and branding to suit your business. Our charging points are robust, reliable and easy to use. We will advise you on the most appropriate charge points for your fleet operations and premises.

Energy solution assessment and design
Our engineers will assess your existing energy supply, distribution boards, wiring and load profiles. We then work with your facilities teams to propose EV charging solutions that take account of the costs of any equipment upgrades, civil works or extra DNO capacity.

EV infrastructure installation
ENGIE will scope all installation works, create detailed Risk Assessment and Methodology Statements (RAMS), and project manage all the agreed work on your sites. We install the EV solutions quickly and safely, with minimal interruption to your electricity supply.

Renewable energy supply
To complement our EV charging points, we offer a 100% renewable electricity supply tariff. This means you can power your vehicles with electricity generated from certified renewable sources, such as wind and solar power. Your electricity can be supplied with Renewable Energy Generation Origin (REGO) certificates to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Fleet management information
Our charge point reporting system gathers and analyses your drivers’ lifetime usage across multiple charge points and collates data for analysis by stakeholders. This enables you to monitor the total cost of migrating single vehicles or entire fleets to electric power.

Remote charge point monitoring and maintenance
We can provide a fully managed service including monitoring your charge points remotely and responding to faults or outages. The charge points also incorporate sensors that alert you when preventive maintenance is required.

Ongoing EV fleet management
Once your EV charging infrastructure is successfully installed, ENGIE can provide ongoing maintenance and management services to ensure the infrastructure continues to operate effectively and sustainably.

Benefits of ENGIE EV charging solutions:

✓ Reduce your business costs

Fuelling and maintaining electric vehicles costs a fraction of running petrol or diesel vehicles. Company car drivers’ benefit-in-kind costs could also be reduced.

✓ Safely manage your electricity supply

Installing ENGIE vehicle charging points is the safe, fast, efficient way to charge vehicles on your premises.

✓ Increase supply chain opportunities 

Decarbonising your business opens doors to new customer and supplier relationships.

✓ Improve employee engagement

By allowing employees to charge their vehicles while at work, or providing easy-to-operate charge points at their homes.

✓ Enhance your business sustainability

Installing electric vehicle charge points demonstrates your company’s commitment to supporting green transport options and protecting the environment.


To find out how we could work with you to help you meet air-quality targets and increase sustainable transport use in your organisation please contact us at ev@engie.com

20% of Yorkshire Water's fleet to be EV by 2020