Utility connections and metering services

Time and cost-saving services to provide accurate, reliable metering for your business

Whether you need a metered connection to a new site, an upgrade or reconfiguration to your existing meters, or automated meter reading equipment to enhance your data, ENGIE offers a fully managed and coordinated service. From initial consultation and planning through to installation, maintenance and ongoing data monitoring, we offer an end-to-end service for all electricity, gas and water meters – saving you time and money.

New connections – leave complex multi-party projects to the specialists

If you need to connect a new or redeveloped site to the utility distribution network, ENGIE can ensure all your metering equipment is ready on time. Setting up a new supply is a complicated process, involving liaison between multiple parties. ENGIE will manage the process on your behalf, from submitting network provider applications through to installing your meters. If your project involves contestable works, such as cabling, substation and groundworks, we use our expertise to source the best sub-contractors, helping you to achieve cost and time savings.

Sub-metering – accurately measure usage in defined areas

By installing meters at strategic locations across your site, we can help you monitor energy usage in discrete areas or individual parts of your operations. For example, you might want to monitor energy use in your canteen or your manufacturing facilities. Or, if you are a landlord, you may wish to measure consumption by individual tenants, so you can bill them for their actual usage. ENGIE can design a sub-metering solution that provides exactly the level of consumption detail you need, while complying with all regulations.

Automated meter reading (AMR) – take control of your energy usage 

ENGIE can install AMR meters across your business and link them to our central systems, so the data can be used to create accurate energy bills. With AMR installed, you can also access your own half-hourly consumption data on our online energy-management tool, enabling you to monitor usage and expenditure in near real time, and implement targeted efficiency measures.

Re-energisation or disconnection – adapt meters to suit your changing needs

If redundant meters on your site need to be re-energised or disconnected, or if meters need to be upgraded or downgraded to meet changing requirements, our specialists can take care of everything. We complete all relevant applications with energy suppliers and set up appropriate meter operator agreements.

Why choose metering services from ENGIE?

✓ Save time and money – our specialists work quickly and efficiently with all third parties to keep costs to a minimum.

✓ Hassle-free process – we handle all applications and multi-party liaison on your behalf to simplify complex projects.

✓ Single supplier – we take care of everything from design to installation and maintenance, so you have just one supplier to deal with.

✓ On-time delivery – we use our expertise to ensure your metering works are completed on schedule.

✓ Improve energy efficiency – our smart metering systems provide the data you need to enhance your energy efficiency.

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