Out of Contract Rates - Deemed & Default

Deemed Contract Rates and Terms & Conditions

Deemed contract rates apply to consumers who do not have a contract with us. Our current deemed rates for both gas and electricity are available to view in the documents below:

Gas Deemed Rates
Electricity (Half Hourly) Deemed Rates
Electricity (Non Half Hourly) Deemed Rates
These rates apply to gas and electricity consumed under all deemed contracts, the terms and conditions of which can be found below:

Gas Deemed Supply Contract Terms and Conditions
Electricity Deemed Supply Contract Terms and Conditions

Other contracts for the supply of gas and electricity are available from ENGIE, the terms and rates of which may differ from those of the Deemed Contract. If you wish to discuss entering into a contract with us please contact our team on 0333 666 0276.

Small to Medium Business Deemed and Default Principal Terms

The Principal Terms which apply to deemed and default gas and electricity contracts can be found below. These relate to small to medium sized businesses only:

Small to Medium Out of Contract Principal Terms effective until 30th April 2020
Out of Contract and Deemed Principal Terms effective from 1st May 2020
Out of Contract and Deemed Principal Terms effective from 1st November 2021

Default Contract Rates

Where you have had a formal contract with ENGIE but this has expired and you continue to consume past the end date, the original terms of your supply contract shall apply, except that from the date your contract terminated you shall be charged the Default Contract Rates below.

Gas Default Contract Rates
Electricity (Half-Hourly Metering) Default Contract Rates
Electricity (Non Half-Hourly Metering) Default Contract Rates

For the latest transportation charges (including transmission & distribution) for your site see:

NTS Charges - www.gasgovernance.co.uk/ntscharges
DN Charges - www.gasgovernance.co.uk/DNcharges

Guide to Third-Party Industry Charges
Information for microbusinesses