Treating Customers Fairly

Our Commitment to you

We are committed to providing the market leading customer experience and strive to make all interactions easy to understand and seamless.

Listening to you

ENGIE has been working with business customers for many years. We always ensure our approach and services are what customers really want from their energy supplier. To ensure we achieve the service levels our customers expect we carry out customer service satisfaction and Net Promoter Surveys amongst our customers to spot any trends and use these to improve our service. Our aim is to identify your needs and find out how well we are performing in meeting those needs.

If we’ve done something wrong

We'd like to put it right and we’ll do so using our complaints process. If you have a complaint about  any aspect of our service please let us know by contacting our Complaints Team by email or by phone on 0800 170 1112. We treat complaints very seriously and will try to resolve them immediately.  For more information about complaints click here, you can find our complaints procedure in full here.


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Information about complaints
Our complaints procedure