District Energy

ENGIE operates over 180 District Energy schemes throughout Europe, many of which were also financed, designed and constructed in the UK. We operate some of the largest and most technically demanding District Energy schemes.

What is District Energy?

District Energy is widely recognised as a sustainable, cost-effective solution to the provision of heating, cooling and power. District Energy scores highly in environmental assessments such as Code for Sustainable Homes (CFSH), BREEAM and LEED.

 At the heart of every District Energy scheme is an Energy Centre serving a range of buildings through a network of underground pipes and cables. In most District Energy schemes the Energy Centre includes a CHP plant, which may be combined with chilling (Tri-generation) where there is a cooling requirement.

Schemes may also incorporate other low and zero carbon (LZC) technologies such as fuel cells, biomass, solar thermal, heat pumps and high efficiency gas-fired boilers.

Our Service

With over 30 years’ experience, ENGIE has the expertise to provide a comprehensive service for District Energy, encompassing:

East London