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Regulatory, commercial and environmental imperatives have put carbon reduction at the top of the agenda for every type of organisation.

Reducing carbon from your operations poses a variety of challenges and the measures required vary for different types of organisation.

In working with our customers we have identified three key areas of uncertainty, level of investment required, time and expertise required and unsure of where to start.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and there are many obstacles to overcome That’s why specialist support is vital to ensure you take the most effective steps to achieve net zero carbon.

Whatever stage you are at in your net zero transition, ENGIE offers a unique breadth and depth of services to address every area of carbon reduction.

Our systematic approach combines analysing your emissions and developing a clear roadmap with implementing targeted services and solutions – offering a proven way to achieve guaranteed carbon savings. We recognise that incremental change can be offset through savings and therefore at net zero cost, however transformational change requires investment . Importantly, we ensure that the right technology is considered at the right time to provide the most optimum return on investments and we demonstrate how sustained carbon reductions translate into long-term cost savings for your business.

Our deep understanding of every facet of carbon reduction means we can support every area of your business. Our flexible approach can include working with existing suppliers and service providers, where necessary, to ensure that all measures work in harmony to achieve the ultimate net zero goal.

Our approach: analyse, plan, act



The essential starting point in any carbon-reduction strategy is to understand where your emissions are coming from. Our specialists conduct a detailed analysis of your buildings, assets and operations to determine your carbon footprint, taking into account any existing carbon-reduction measures. 

To meet net zero targets, most businesses need to focus on scope one and scope two emissions. However, for manufacturing businesses and other organisations that wish to produce net zero products, scope three emissions from supply chains also need to be considered. From our analysis, we develop a unique net zero roadmap for your business, setting out measures to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions, and offering guidance on scope 3 emissions, where applicable.

These measures are likely to include energy and operational efficiency programmes, as well as converting assets to more energy-efficient, lower-carbon alternatives. Our net zero toolbox includes all the carbon reduction measures that we can help with. Where required we can also provide product carbon foot printing services.



Once we have set out your net zero roadmap, we develop plans to achieve your objectives – including investment-grade proposals for the specific measures you need to implement.

These measures are likely to include energy and operational efficiency programmes, as well as converting assets to more energy-efficient, lower-carbon alternatives.

We’ll also consider on-site renewable generation, sourcing energy from external renewable generators and, where necessary, offsetting schemes to tackle residual emissions that cannot be eliminated by other means.


The extent of our expertise and the vast range of services we provide enable us to implement all of the carbon-reduction strategies we identify – or to work with your existing suppliers to deliver a coordinated programme. All measures will be integrated to ensure they work together towards the same goal.

We provide financing options, where necessary, to kickstart your carbon reductions, and we guarantee that the measures we implement will deliver the carbon savings identified – as well as the associated financial savings. Our approach follows the PAS 2060 Specification for the Demonstration of Carbon Neutrality, so you can verify your net zero status in line with recognised standards and obtain certification for your business or products.


If you want to find out how to accelerate your transition to net zero carbon, please get in touch with our sustainability experts.

Our net zero carbon toolbox