NHS Zero

Sustainable solutions for a carbon-neutral NHS

NHS Zero is the innovative carbon-reduction solution offered by ENGIE to help NHS estates meet challenging carbon-reduction targets. We combine our sustainable energy expertise with our facilities management capabilities to help the NHS save energy, promote sustainability and cut carbon emissions.

Expertise to tackle challenging targets

As Britain’s largest employer, responsible for around 4% of the nation's carbon emissions, the NHS has set itself a target of achieving net zero direct carbon emissions by 2040 – and net zero emissions in its wider supply chain by 2045.  Additionally, each Trust must also have green plans in place by March 2022, providing a clear route, with credible milestones to achieving this goal.

Though our combination of capabilities and expertise we are well placed as a partner of choice to support the NHS to deliver their targets and achieve their ambition of becoming the world’s first net zero national health service.

A partnership for lasting change 

Our integrated solutions are designed to meet the specific challenges faced by the NHS, including the critical 24-hour nature of its work, its extensive estates and facilities, historic infrastructure, its specialist medical devices and equipment, and complex pharmaceutical supply chains.

We work in partnership with individual Trusts to achieve the decarbonisation targets set as part the NHS Net Zero commitment – engaging with stakeholders and helping to adapt buildings and assets, refine operational processes and change behaviours in a sustainable way.

How we deliver net zero carbon

Using our three-stage approach we can analyse your emissions, develop fully costed plans  in the form of a net zero roadmap and implement targeted solutions to help you cut carbon emissions and achieve net zero across your estates and supply chain. Decarbonising involves initially maximising energy efficiency, without compromising the operation of essential medical equipment. Where possible, we replace existing equipment with more energy-efficient versions. We also look at energy sourcing, helping estates procure electricity from renewable generators, or installing on-site renewable generation.

Fully costed and funded measures

At the planning stage, we provide clear whole-life cost calculations for every project we propose, along with guaranteed return-on-investment figures. We help to manage capital investment programmes by identifying appropriate sources of funding, or by providing funding directly – with repayments made from the savings achieved.

Solutions for a sustainable health service

Our solutions, expertise and ongoing support enable the NHS to respond to the health emergency posed by climate change – and create a health service that works in harmony with the planet to improve health and wellbeing for future generations.

Get in touch for more information about how we can help your NHS estate achieve net zero.

Together we will achieve Net Zero