Take full control of your energy contracts with Julesmart 

The ENGIE Julesmart online trading platform enables businesses with flexible PPA contracts to view day ahead prices and place bids to buy or sell electricity. The system is designed for businesses with ‘dispatchable’ generators that can be switched on and off as required in response to market prices.

The online platform provides the price information you need to make well-informed decisions about when it’s profitable to export your electricity and when it’s more economical to switch off your generators. It enables your assets to be operated and despatched remotely, via a switchbox that turns your generator(s) on and off in response to instructions from the platform.

You can use the Julesmart platform to make forward electricity trades for any liquid standard block. You can also make gas purchasing transactions online. So if you run gas-fired generators, you can trade ahead and fix a favourable price for the gas you buy, as well as fixing a profitable price for the electricity you export. It means you can budget with greater certainty into the future and not leave profit margins to the mercy of market fluctuations.

Julesmart digitalises all of your contracts too, so they can be managed easily online. It’s great for multi-site businesses, helping you to manage multiple energy buying and selling requirements simply from a single online platform. It gives you clear visibility of your payments and prices so you can see exactly what you are earning on a daily basis. Julesmart can be used alongside participation in demand-side response services, such as STOR.

Watch the video below to find out more about Julesmart.   

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