Short-term Power Purchase Agreements

Optimise the earning potential of your generation assets

If you have generation assets on your site, or a portfolio of premises with on-site generation, you can choose from a range of short-term PPAs to provide an income for the electricity you generate.

ENGIE offers a variety of contract types to suit your circumstances, whether you have invested in generation assets to earn an income for your business, or have standby generators that could be used more frequently to earn an income, or simply have on-site generators that occasionally produce a surplus for export to the grid.

Our power purchase specialists will listen to your requirements and capabilities and recommend the optimum PPA contract for your business. These short-term PPAs can be for any period up to five years. The right one for you will depend on factors such as the volumes you wish to export, the predictability of your output, your attitude to risk and the type of generation technology you operate.

Your short-term PPA contract will fall into one of three categories:

Fixed price

These contracts give price certainty for businesses that want to know exactly how much they will earn for the electricity they export. You will earn the same unit rate for all of your output. These easy-to-manage contracts are ideal for small to medium-sized assets.


These ‘market access’ contracts pay index-linked rates for your output, and allow you to trade your electricity. They enable you to earn market-reflective prices for your exported energy, so you can benefit when prices rise and manage your trading strategy to access the best prices from all major markets. Your ability to trade ahead will depend on the accuracy of your output forecasts. Your contract can be tailored according to your forecasting ability, risk appetite and the nature of your assets. Contracts can include buy-back and sell options to optimise your earning potential. Uniquely, ENGIE market access contracts include our price guarantee – assuring you of the best price available from each index.

Spill contracts

These contracts are ideal if you have generators or CHP plants to provide power for your site – either regularly or as back-up – that occasionally produce a surplus. These ‘incidental’ generators may produce a surplus only sporadically, either because they rely on environmental factors such as wind, rain or sunshine, or because your site demand is volatile and unpredictable. ENGIE ‘spill’ contracts enable you to earn competitive market-reflective prices for any excess energy you export to the gird, at any time. There is no requirement for forecasting your output. These contracts offer a price-efficient way to earn an income from your existing generation assets.

Why choose short term PPAs

PPAs enable Infinis to secure prices for their future output at any time



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