Business Smart & AMR meters

Time to switch to simpler, smarter metering

As part of the UK Government’s commitment to reducing energy use and meeting carbon-reduction targets, it has mandated that energy suppliers must make all reasonable efforts to install Smart meters or Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) equipment in all businesses and homes by 2025.

ENGIE is excited about the benefits this transition will bring to our customers, as it means an end to manual meter reading and estimated bills. Meter readings will be transmitted automatically to your supplier, so bills are always based on actual consumption.* It also makes the process of switching suppliers simpler than ever. The latest generation of Smart meters (SMETS2) can communicate with all suppliers, so there will be no interruption to your remote meter readings if you change supplier.

Smart and AMR meters can allow you to see exactly how much energy your business is using, and enable more accurate bills, helping to support your energy-efficiency efforts and reduce your energy bills.

Smart or AMR – which type of meter is right for your business?**

Micro businesses (see here for guidance on how a micro business is defined)

The Government has specified that micro businesses, in common with domestic premises, should be upgraded to Smart, rather than AMR meters. If you are a micro business, we will take all reasonable steps to install a Smart meter for you.

Small or medium sized businesses (typically gas annual consumption less than 732,000 kWh & electricity meter profile class 1-4)

Small or medium sized business premises could have either a Smart or AMR meter installed. However, it is likely an AMR meter will be more suitable.

Large businesses (typically gas annual consumption greater than 732,000 kWh & electricity meter profile class 5-8)

Large business premises should have an AMR meter installed.

*Subject to your meter being able to be read remotely.
**In all cases there may be exceptions as to which meter type is the most suitable due to the specifics of your site/energy consumption. In some cases, another specialist type of meter may be required.
ENGIE and/or the Meter Operator booked to install your meter will make an assessment once your request is in progress and will advise if alternative arrangements are needed.

If you need any help or for more information about our Smart and AMR meters, please contact us:

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