Business AMR meters

What is an AMR meter?

AMR (Advanced Meter Reading) meters are advanced electricity and gas metering systems that record energy usage and have the ability to remotely* send data to us for use on your bills.
AMR meters are different for gas and electricity. If you’re a gas customer, an AMR is an ancillary device that we attach to your existing meter. If you’re an electricity customer, an AMR meter is an advanced meter that will replace your existing meter.

Why should I get an AMR meter?

How do I upgrade to an AMR meter?

All gas and Non-Half Hourly (NHH) electricity customers that are eligible for an AMR meter are automatically enrolled onto our AMR roll-out programme when you contract with us.

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* Subject to eligibility. Installation is subject to survey and your business site meeting AMR meter installation suitability criteria. There may be additional associated costs if the set up at your site needs additional equipment to support the installation.

** Subject to your meter being able to be read remotely.

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