What is Asset Optimisation?

At ENGIE we actively collaborate with distributed generator assets to unlock the full potential of energy flexibility. Our expert team will guide you in using your existing generation volume to earn an additional revenue stream either through the Capacity market, National Grid ancillary services, wholesale trading or the balancing mechanism.


Can you be flexible with your generation?

If you have electricity generation assets on site, such as combined heat and power (CHP) plants or battery storage, you could earn valuable extra income for your business by optimising those assets in different ways.

You can sell surplus power on the short-term markets to capitalise on favourable market prices. And you can participate in National Grid demand-side services, which help balance supply and demand on the UK network. Your business will be paid for providing extra capacity to the network when required by National Grid.


ENGIE can help you increase the value of your generation assets by maximising the revenue-generating opportunities available to you. Our specialists can help you decide when to make your assets available for demand-side participation, and develop contracts to suit your preferences. And we can help you identify when it’s beneficial to ramp up generation to sell surplus power into the market.

By combining our knowledge of the wholesale markets, demand-side services, remote dispatch technology and asset operation, we can help you choose the right options for your business, at all times.

Different ways of being flexible with your generation

What are the benefits to your business

Generate additional revenue

Generate additional revenue

Security of supply is improved and contributes to the balancing of the grid (providing extra capacity to the National Grid)

Security of supply is improved and contributes to the balancing of the grid (providing extra capacity to the National Grid)

Improve asset maintenance

Improve asset maintenance

Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Improved PPA benefits with market trading and BM (balancing mechanism)

Improved PPA benefits with market trading and BM (balancing mechanism)

Capacity Markets

The Capacity Market (CM) is designed to ensure that there is enough capacity on the grid to meet the fluctuating demands. There are two Capacity Market auctions, T-4 auction which is held 4 years ahead of the delivery period and T-1 for which delivery is a year before. The Capacity Market design provides a wide range of options for companies to participate, with Capacity Agreements of between 1 and 15 years duration awarded.

Wholesale Trading

ENGIE provides an extensive range of knowledge, services, and technology tailored to assist major enterprises in adopting optimal energy procurement strategies. Tailoring our support to your specific needs, we offer diverse levels of guidance and assistance.

From streamlined trading desk services for executing purchases, or establishing collaborations to offer insights on risk management tactics, market trends, and the most opportune moments for procurement. Our services are adaptable, catering to your trading preferences, expertise levels, and risk tolerance. You can find out more here.

Adela Optimise

The Adela Optimise portal allows you to easily declare your assets availability, you can find out how Adela works in our video below:

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Demand-Side Response

Our DSR services enable your business to earn additional revenue by helping National Grid to maintain the balance of supply and demand on the electricity network.

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Cemex Case Study

Since 2008, ENGIE has supplied electricity and gas to more than 150 CEMEX UK sites.

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