What is Asset Optimisation?

Asset Optimisation involves using flexibility in your generation capacity to earn revenue by accessing wholesale market opportunities and participating in National Grid demand-side services. It means managing your generation output to maximise earnings by selling surplus power at the right time, or by providing extra capacity to National Grid to help balance the UK network.


Can you be flexible with your generation?

If you have electricity generation assets on site, such as combined heat and power (CHP) plants or battery storage, you could earn valuable extra income for your business by optimising those assets in different ways.

You can sell surplus power on the short-term markets to capitalise on favourable market prices. And you can participate in National Grid demand-side services, which help balance supply and demand on the UK network. Your business will be paid for providing extra capacity to the network when required by National Grid.

ENGIE can help you increase the value of your generation assets by maximising the revenue-generating opportunities available to you. Our specialists can help you decide when to make your assets available for demand-side participation, and develop contracts to suit your preferences. And we can help you identify when it’s beneficial to ramp up generation to sell surplus power into the market.

By combining our knowledge of the wholesale markets, demand-side services, remote dispatch technology and asset operation, we can help you choose the right options for your business, at all times.

Different ways of being flexible with your generation

What are the benefits to your business

Generate income

Generate income

Avoid peak charges

Avoid peak charges

Improve asset maintenance

Improve asset maintenance

Enhance CSR

Enhance CSR

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