Battery Storage in the UK

The UK electricity grid is being transformed, with carbon-emitting baseload being replaced by renewable energy supplies to decarbonise the network. But since much renewable generation is intermittent, the UK needs more battery storage capacity to help maintain security of supply. Energy released from battery storage onto the grid can be used to balance within-day differences between demand and generation. ENGIE is leading the way in the energy transition and is committed to supporting the growth of Battery storage across the UK, we own and optimise the UK’s largest existing pumped hydro storage assets.

How you can earn revenue from Battery Storage

A range of grid-balancing services provide opportunities to earn revenue by supplying stored energy to National Grid. There are also opportunities to trade energy from Battery storage on the wholesale market to capitalise on fluctuating prices.

Energy arbitrage

This ENGIE service helps you to optimise the revenue-earning potential of your battery assets. Our experienced trading team works 24/7 to help you both buy and sell electricity at the right time on both day-ahead and within-day wholesale markets.

Grid services

ENGIE can manage your provision of capacity to National Grid. Opportunities include the Balancing Mechanism, which allows you to make capacity available, in the form of bids and offers, to National Grid at agreed times, to help it balance network supply and demand. Other dedicated system services include Dynamic Containment and Firm Frequency Response, which require sub-second responses to help even out fluctuations in grid frequency. We can also support pre-registration and bidding for Capacity Market contracts, which can provide 15 years of revenue for your stored capacity.

Locational benefit

Our specialists can help you decide where to locate your battery assets in the UK. Network charges are more beneficial in some locations than others. Storage assets can earn revenue from embedded locational benefits, such as the Embedded Export Tariff (EET)

How can ENGIE help you?

If you own battery assets, ENGIE can help you effectively optimise revenue-generating opportunities. Please contact our trading team to discuss how this could work for you. If you are a developer looking for an investor in your battery site, please contact our battery storage team.

Battery storage can provide essential resilience and back-up power for your site, as well as generate revenue for your business. If you have space available for battery installations, and if you have more than 10MW of spare capacity on your grid connection, you could benefit from adding battery storage to your site.

Please contact us to find out what’s involved.