Competitive energy supply solutions adapted for your business

As a specialist business energy supplier, with a track record of successful partnerships with major organisations, ENGIE has an in-depth understanding of the needs and priorities of large businesses. We provide tailored energy supply solutions to achieve the objectives of individual businesses, from major multi-site organisations and energy-intensive industries to large commercial, public-sector, manufacturing and industrial organisations.

When your business needs flexible energy-purchasing options supported by renewable energy and carbon-zero solutions, ENGIE has the expertise, services and resources to help you get the best value from the energy markets and fulfil your sustainable priorities.

Trading Services

ENGIE has the energy trading expertise, services and digital technologies to help your business make the best energy purchasing decisions. We provide the level of trading support that’s right for your business, whether that means simply providing an accessible, efficient trading desk to execute your purchases, or developing one-to-one partnerships to advise you on risk-management and purchasing strategies.

Our advanced digital services put all the data you need to inform your trading decisions at your fingertips, including insights and analysis on all energy markets and key economic indicators. Our ‘Click & Trade’ service even allows you to select a price, confirm it with a trader, and execute your transaction – all on a single platform.

Renewable Supply

ENGIE offers 100% renewable electricity contracts, providing the assurance that your electricity is being generated from sources that produce zero carbon emissions and do not deplete natural resources.

All our renewable electricity is backed by UK Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) or EU Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) and is EcoAct assured. That means it is fully traceable to specific renewable generators and complies with Green House Gas (GHG) Protocol Scope 2 (2015) and FMD obligations and you can confidently report zero market-based carbon emissions for your electricity consumption. So you can be sure the renewable power you buy from ENGIE is contributing to cutting carbon emissions and improving your environmental performance.

ENGIE also offers green gas, sourced from generation plants that produce biogas. Every kWh of green gas we supplied comes with a Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO), identifying exactly where, when and how it was produced. This provides complete traceability and assures you that your gas comes from authentic biogas sources.