Choose an energy purchasing option that’s right for your business

Whether you want the certainty of fixed prices or the flexibility to trade actively and capitalise on real-time market movements – ENGIE has the electricity and gas supply products for you. Our specialists will devise an appropriate energy-purchasing arrangement for your business, according to your risk appetite, consumption patterns, business objectives and in-house energy expertise.

Flexible energy supply products

Our Products


  • Fixed Price 
    This is a simple, non-flexible contract arrangement where your price is fixed for the duration of your contract. It gives you complete certainty about the price you will pay for every unit of energy consumed, enabling you to budget with confidence.
  • Market Tracker
    This entry-level flexible product gives you access to market-reflective prices. The product tracks a published M-1 Index by default, with no need for intervention. You have the option to purchase volumes in quarters and seasons or, if you wish to end exposure to market variations, you can purchase volumes for the remainder of your contract at any time. 
  • Market Choice
    This flexible product enables you to choose how involved you wish to be in your energy purchasing. By default, you can access market reflective prices via a mechanism that tracks the market and prices your volumes at the monthly average of day-ahead prices. However, you can choose to be more active and decide to buy volumes for months, quarters or seasons whenever you see a favourable market movement. 
  • Flexi (Gas)
    Ideal for businesses that wish to take an active role in their purchasing, but want a level of price protection. You make purchases against your forecast and lock your price prior to the month of delivery. Any difference between your forecast and traded volumes is purchased at the market price. We offer a best market price guarantee, giving you best price from across four trading screens.
  • Day Ahead (Electricity)
    This product works in the same way as Flexi Gas. It enables you to implement your chosen purchasing strategy and spread your risk across various trading options. You get our best market price guarantee from across four trading screens. At the outset, you get an indicative commodity price (reference price) for each month, to help with budgeting. On your bill, the reference price is adjusted according to the actual purchase price paid each month. 




  • Simple Flex (Electricity)
    This product is recommended for customers with annual consumption greater than 10GWh. It is similar to the Day Ahead Electricity product, but there is no reference price for each month. Instead, invoices are based on a weighted average price, calculated from your actual transaction costs and volumes each month. 
  • Daily PX (Electricity)
    For customers seeking greater flexibility, this product includes daily settlement – providing access to daily prices. Forward transactions are closed out a month ahead of supply, but during the month of supply any difference between the traded volumes and actual consumption is bought or sold at the published N2EX daily price. This enables businesses to access potential opportunities created by daily market fluctuations. This is a single rate product, and the unit rate quoted does not include an indicative commodity price. 
  • Daily Flex (Electricity)
    This is the same as the Daily PX product, but is a multi-rate contract. Up to eight different rates can be included, covering seasons, times of day and weekday/weekend rates. This makes it ideal for businesses that can shift load to different times of day to access lower prices. With this product, the unit rate quoted includes an indicative commodity price. 
  • Day Ahead (Gas)
    For customers seeking optimum flexibility in their gas purchasing, this product offers within-month purchasing options so you can react to market prices. Your purchasing adjusts to any variations in consumption, and the difference between your forecast and actual consumption is traded at day-ahead rates. Your invoiced price will be the average of all your trading options, including day-ahead rates traded against actual consumption. 
  • PX Product (Electricity)
    Our most flexible product, best suited to businesses with volatile load that are looking for optimum flexibility and operational freedom. This product offers the widest choice of electricity purchasing options, with zero consumption tolerance. You can optimise your energy price through actual consumption purchasing in half-hourly segments. You can re-forecast as often as necessary to adapt your purchasing to volatile demand, up to four hours prior to delivery. This product is the ideal companion to load-management activities. 


Managing your account

When you agree an energy supply contract with ENGIE, we become your trusted partners – building strong working relationships with your whole business. We use our expertise to help improve your energy purchasing and load management, while addressing your carbon-reduction priorities, as well as helping you respond to any regulatory or business changes.

Your account manager will get to know your business and its priorities – and be your principal point of contact for all support, advice and decision-making. We develop tailored energy purchasing and management solutions – adapting our services and energy products to complement your in-house expertise and support your business objectives. Our specialists are frequently invited into boardrooms to talk about the energy markets and introduce energy-purchasing innovations.

Onboarding made simple

We are specialists in multi-site onboarding for large businesses – so you can trust us to manage energy supplies for thousands of sites. We understand every area of the energy supply stream, and take care of all site registrations and contract management – so you can leave everything to us.

Support from the specialists

As an ENGIE customer, you have a wealth of human expertise and digital knowledge platforms at your service. Through our people and technologies, we ensure you are always fully informed, well advised and up to date.