Energy Supply Contracts

Our suite of products are designed to meet your varying energy needs. If you’re looking for the security of fixed rates, or wanting greater control over Third Party Charges, we can help.




Safeguard your energy budget with one fixed rate inclusive of third party charges

Contract type: Standard or Green electricity and gas contracts

Why choose Guard?

With guard budgets are safeguarded and prices remain consistent throughout the contract period. No unforeseen price increases to the contracted rates fixed means.
Fixed should the market change then we absorb the cost.
Price guaranteed for up to five years for long term certainty.


Pay one simple unit rate without the daily standing charge
Standard gas contracts only

Why choose Simple?

Know exactly what you're spending with the simplicity of one unit rate and no daily standing charge.
No standing charge so customers only pay for what they use.
Total unit rate certainty for your customer.
Fixed means fixed. Should the market change, we absorb the cost.

With Balance, network charges are fixed while Government charges (FIT, CfD FiT, CM, RO) are passed though at the current rate.
Standard or green electricity only

Why choose Balance?

Balance provides the potential for saving money by balancing fixed network charges and non-fixed Government charges.
Avoid unwanted premiums on Government charges to reduce contracted costs.
Transparency of pass through charges.
Contracts display this forecast pass through of third party Charges.

The Freedom to pay all third party charges at cost

Standard or green electricity and gas contract

Why choose Freedom?

Customers have the Freedom to take control of all transportation, metering and UIG charges, whilst maintaining certainty over wholesale energy prices

Maximise savings by avoiding electricity consumption in peak periods.

Transparency of third party Charges.
Avoid risk premiums on pass through charges.

Fair & Square™
Fair & Square gives you the security of a fully fixed contract with the confidence that you’ll never overpay on Government charges
Guard contracts only (electricity)

Why choose Fair & Square?
You’ll never pay more than you should.
If you pay more than we forecast, we’ll pay the difference at the end of the contract period.
If you pay less that our forecast – good news, you won’t pay any more.