Make a positive change, switch to renewable energy

A simple way to benefit the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of your business is to switch to a greener energy source. We offer Green Gas as well as 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost, all of which is generated here in the UK and fully certified.

Green Gas

100% UK Green Gas now available

We now offer 100% UK sourced and certified Green Gas supply with proof through the Green Gas Certification Scheme.

Why Chose ENGIE Green Gas

Our Green Gas comes from UK fully green sources, rather than carbon offsetting to compensate for emissions made elsewhere.

Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO) identifies exactly where, when and how our Green Gas was produced, giving you certainty that your gas comes from authentic biogas sources.

As a Green Gas business customer you’ll receive a display certificate in recognition of choosing a green energy source.

By choosing Green Gas you’re contributing to tackling climate change and lowering your business's carbon footprint.

How our Green Gas is produced

Renewable electricity

All our renewable electricity is provided at no extra cost and is certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) or EU Guarantees of Origin (GoOs), so it’s fully traceable to specific renewable generators in the UK.

Our electricity comes from renewable energy sources, such as wind or hydro-electric power which produce zero carbon emissions and do not deplete finite natural resources.

When you switch to ENGIE renewable energy, we'll provide a Renewable Energy Certificate to display at your premises to demonstrate your commitment to lowering the environmental impact of your business.

Why we are best for business

A choice of simple business energy contracts tat are highly competitive on price. What's more we'll guarantee to beat your renewal quote.*

100% renewable energy at no extra cost. Helping you switch to a greener energy source.

Award winning customer service. Advice and support to make switching energy supplier effortless.

A range of energy management and efficiency services to meet your business needs.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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