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We're installing Smart Meters at no extra cost for eligible business energy customers* and would like to invite you to register your interest. Once registered, you'll be the first to hear from us when we're installing Smart Meters in your area.

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What is a Smart Meter?

Smart meters are a new generation of meter that securely send your business gas and electricity consumption to us via wireless technology, which means you no longer need to take meter reads and manually submit these to your energy provider. As a result, there are no more estimated bills and you only pay for what you use.  

What are the advantages for my business?

                  Accurate invoices
No more estimated bills, you'll only pay for the energy your business uses. 
Save time with automated meter readings
Your smart meter regularly sends your readings to us automatically without the need for you to submit readings manually.

Potential to reduce your energy bills 
Understanding your energy consumption patterns can show you where you may be able to re
duce or change your energy usage to save your business money.

Lower carbon footprint
Reducing the amount of energy you use can lower the carbon footprint of your business, which in turn helps tackle climate change.

With these potential benefits for your business, why wait? Register your interest for updates below.

*Subject to eligibility. Installation is subject to survey and your business site meeting Smart Meter installation suitability criteria.
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