We pride ourselves on our level of customer satisfaction, but if you have a complaint about some aspect of our energy supply service please let us know by contacting the Complaints Team by email ( or by phone on 0800 170 1112. We treat complaints very seriously and will try to resolve them immediately. You can see our complaints procedure here.


If you are a microbusiness and you do not agree with our final response or we have not resolved your complaint within 8 weeks, you can take your issue to the Energy Ombudsman. They are a free and independent service specialising in impartially resolving customer complaints, and we will stand by their decision. This is only available to small businesses, please visit their website to see who can use the service.

Ombudsman Services: Energy
PO Box 966

Phone: 0330 440 1624 or 01925 530263 Fax: 0330 440 1625 or 01925 530264 
Textphone: 0330 440 1600 or 01925 430886 (Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm)

Or alternatively, visit for more information

Voluntary standards for backbilling of microbusiness energy customers