Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

ENGIE can offer a range of renewable projects from our own portfolio, or from third party developers. We can provide a range of technologies durations and prices. Traditionally Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPA) have tended to be long term, at least 15 years, which requires a customer to commit to take the output of a generation asset for the whole term. At ENGIE we have been looking at how we can make CPPAs more accessible to everyone as we know they can play an important role in an organisations’ carbon reduction plans.


Flexible choices to suit your business

UK Green Plus

Renewable supply contract that includes fixed price renewable supply from a named asset that is backed by REGOs.

Green Select

Renewable supply derived from a new additional named UK asset backed by REGOs. Green Select is a long term power purchase agreement that is portable.


If you have your own generation, or have an existing Corporate Power Purchase Agreement, you can sleeve volume from this asset into your supply contract with ENGIE.

How Corporate Power Purchase Agreements Work