Frequently asked questions

How we use and store your smart meter data

What do we do with your data?
What data do we take?
When and how do we take data?
How long do you keep my data for?
How secure is my data?
Can I access my data?
What are my rights in relation to data?

Everything you need to know about meters

Submitting your meter readings
How to read a Gas meter
How to read a Electricity meter
Where can I find the MPAN, MPRN or Serial Number?
How to find your Distribution Network Operator (DNO)

Asset Optimization and Demand Side Response

Why is Demand Response so important?
Will it disrupt my business?
How much will it cost my business?
Are there any penalties?
What needs to be installed at my site?
How long will my site be impacted by an event?
How do I sign up?

Accessing and Using the Business Customer Service Portal 

How do I register for an online account?
I’ve forgotten my password
I can't log in to my online account
I’m having difficulty registering
Logging in Technical Issues
Can more than one person at my organisation register for an online account?
I have multiple businesses, do I need an online account for each?
I would like to request a copy of my statement of account
How do I grant access for a third party or Energy broker to manage my energy account?

Billing and invoicing

Can my bills be issued quarterly rather than monthly?
I am having difficulty paying my invoice.
Important information on your bills/invoices
How do I change my Direct Debit details?
What is VAT relief and how to request it
What is back billing?

Managing your account

I am moving premises what do I need to do?
When does my contract start?


How to raise a complaint
What if I am a Microbusiness with a complaint
What are the stages to the complaints procedure?
How do I escalate my complaint?