14th July 2022

Bastille Day 2022

Bastille Day Celebrations 2022

The 14th of July has been a customary event for many years as a time to celebrate the French Revolution, Bastille Day, to pay homage to our business’ French heritage. We celebrate Bastille Day every year at our Leeds office to give our employees an opportunity to come together as one.

The pandemic put a halt to many celebrations and large gatherings, however, this year was different and it went with a bang!

Over 150 ENGIE staff came together to celebrate Bastille Day as well as everyone’s efforts and hard work over the last year. Bastille day celebrates the French people coming together as one, marking the start of the French revolution, so the event included a French theme throughout, including French decorations, props and copious amounts of food. There was also a range of challenges involving staff and an  Instagram prop in which they could get extra tickets for a company raffle by competing in a photo challenge. The day was a success throughout with many different departments across the business finally having the chance to network again.

ENGIE Energy Supply CEO, Graham Leith - “Bastille day was a great event for the whole team and really brought everyone together! It has been a difficult couple of years due to the pandemic which has made this year’s Bastille Day extra special.  This was a brilliant chance for the whole team to reconnect and network in person for the first time in two years. We all had an amazing time with employees participating in the events games and getting in the spirit of Bastille day as per ENGIE tradition. This is just the start with more events to come!”

ENGIE bastille day