Energy Bill Discount Scheme (EBDS)

Customer declaration qualifying any further adjustment of EBDS discount or supply quantity.

As part of the Energy Bill Discount Scheme, you are obliged to declare any details that would qualify for any further adjustment of the EBDS discount. 


Your obligations are detailed in the Statutory Instrument document.

This includes defined in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 an arrangement as including:

  • financial instruments in respect of the wholesale price of energy;
  • arrangements under which the customer obtains a benefit from the provision of balancing services;
  • in connection with the electricity scheme, arrangements under which the customer obtains a benefit by exporting electricity to an electricity system.
  • gas supplied under your supply contract that may be used for the purpose of generating electricity (whether or not in conjunction with the production of heat).
  • The electricity supplied under the supply contract may be stored by you or for you, and some or all of the electricity generated or stored, may be delivered to an electricity system (such electricity being “grid-delivered”).


You will only need to declare if you answer Yes to any of the questions in the form below.

Declaration form

Please complete forms per contract, you will need to complete one for your Gas and Electricity contract with ENGIE.

Declaration to be made - Choose all that apply

I understand that I am making this Declaration on behalf of the Customer in accordance with the terms of the EBDS and I am duly authorised to do so. I am not a third party or intermediary acting for the Customer.

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