ENGIE in North East Lincolnshire

A partner for Cities & Communities

ENGIE works in partnership with local authorities to provide bespoke, outcome-based solutions that address each town, city or region’s most pressing needs, drive down costs and reduce urban CO2 emissions. We help communities optimise their resources, deliver services more efficiently and strengthen the links between citizens and local authorities.  We work alongside councils and authorities as a strategic partner for developing more sustainable,  efficient and vibrant communities through the delivery of integrated services, infrastructure, energy and smart digital solutions.

Here to help your business

ENGIE has a proven track record and portfolio delivering high quality projects and services across Lincolnshire. Our team, based in Grimsby, has the experience and expertise to assist your business; we always put your needs first, optimising resources, delivering efficient services and producing quantifiable results.

Our services include:

Our clients include North East Lincolnshire Council, Care Trust Plus and a number of private organisations.


Property Services
Architectural and Civil Engineering Consultancy
Energy Services
Planning & Building Control