Energy Storage in Ireland

Aims of Energy Storage

Energy Storage has a crucial role to play, in both managing Ireland’s energy supply and in facilitating the deployment of renewable energy technologies. The variability of solar and wind power presents a challenge to electricity providers integrating them into the electricity grid. Installing energy storage into electricity grids makes it far easier for electricity providers to incorporate wind and solar generation. Energy storage facilities store renewable energy, and when it’s needed it can be quickly released onto the grid to meet demand. This makes the power supply smoother and more predictable.

Working with ENGIE

ENGIE is leading the global transition towards a lower carbon energy world in which the use of fossil fuels within the power generation market is greatly reduced. ENGIE can customize energy storage solutions to meet grid/distribution operator demands, as well as individual clients, thanks to our in-house expertise in development, engineering, construction and operation of energy storage projects across the world.

Here are some examples of the energy storage services ENGIE can provide:




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