Standards of Service

Guaranteed Standards of Performance (GSOP Meter appointments)

Since 2016 Micro businesses have been protected by Ofgem in relation to the booking and keeping of metering appointments under the GSOP. This means you receive addition protection against failed appointments where access is required to the property (not for a meter on an outside wall, where access is available) or a responsible person regarding the business needs to be in attendance to support the change of meter process etc. Compensation will be paid in the event of a missed or cancelled appointment.

What does this mean to me as a micro business?

Appointment setting
The appointment must be offered within a specific time period:
1. Within the normal working hours of the energy supplier
2. Within a reasonable time scale of the request for an appointment
3. Within a 4 hour appointment window as stated at the time of booking
4. Not unreasonably withhold appointment windows of not less than 2 hours
5. Engie must not rearrange the appointment less than 1 working day prior to the appointment unless you give consent to the shorter notice change
6. All engineers attending the site, must be qualified and have the necessary equipment to complete requirements of the appointment as explained at the setting of the appointment
Where possible we will try to accommodate a shorter appointment window, however this may not be possible and does not fall within our requirements.

Failure to meet the GSOP
Where we fail to meet the above criteria, we will credit your account with a payment of £30 within 10 working days of the failure.
Should we fail to make the payment onto your account, we will be required to pay an additional £30 in addition to the first payment.