Energy Supply

Whatever your electricity and gas consumption patterns and volumes, you’ll find an energy supply contract from ENGIE to suit you.

Our flexible gas and electricity purchasing contracts enable you to manage your energy buying in a way that suits your business. They give you the chance to secure best-value energy at prevailing market rates, rather than being tied to a single fixed price agreed at the contract outset.

Alternatively, if budget certainty is your main priority, you can choose fixed-rate contracts that offer complete predictability.

To help you meet your sustainable objectives and reduce your carbon footprint, ENGIE also offers a range of renewable electricity options.

Our energy specialists will help you choose the contract most suited to your consumption patterns and operational requirements. You will also enjoy the on-going services of a dedicated account manager, who will help to ensure your contract continues to meet your needs.

Flexible products to suit every type of business

We offer a complete range of flexible products for both gas and electricity supply, designed to suit different types and size of business, with different attitudes to risk, forecasting capabilities, consumption predictability and energy-purchasing expertise.

You can buy in seasons, quarters, months, weeks or – on some contracts – day ahead, and you can even make transactions as small as a tenth of a MW.

Transactions made simple

Our dedicated hedging team give you the greatest chance of securing the best-value energy transactions. Whenever you wish to make a purchase, you simply call or email our hedging team and we will secure the desired volume immediately at the agreed market or index price.

Market insights from the specialists

To support you in your decision-making, we can supply a range of up-to-the-minute market price reports and commentaries, keeping you fully informed about current prices, recent trends and other market news.

These reports will help you to monitor trends and gain a better understanding of how the markets work and how they respond to external influences. By combining this with the expertise available via our hedging desk, we provide you with everything you need to purchase your gas and electricity at the best possible prices.

Best price guarantee

We guarantee to match the quoted price for market price transactions to the best price shown across four trading screens (currently ICAP, Prebon, GFI, Spectron).

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