Renewable electricity and green gas

Purchasing renewable electricity or green gas is a simple way to improve the sustainability of your business, reduce your carbon emissions and reinforce your reputation for environmental responsibility.

Renewable electricity

All of the electricity you buy via our renewable energy contracts comes from 100% renewable energy sources, such as wind or hydro-electric power – which produce zero carbon emissions and do not deplete finite natural resources.

The origin of all our renewable electricity is fully certified by UK Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) or EU Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) and is EcoAct assured, meaning that all of the electricity you buy is fully traceable to specific renewable generators and complies with Green House Gas (GHG) Protocol Scope 2 (2015) and FMD obligations.

We can provide you with a Renewable Energy certificate to display at your premises to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable energy purchasing.

Benefits for your business:

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability 

✓ Assurance that electricity is from certified renewable sources report

✓ Report zero carbon emissions under the GHG Protocol market-based method

Green gas

Green gas from ENGIE is sourced from generation plants that produce biogas from anaerobic digestion or landfill waste gas. Biogas produces at least 46% less carbon emissions than standard natural gas, enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint. Buying green gas is a powerful demonstration of your commitment to sustainable energy sourcing.

Every kWh of green gas supplied by ENGIE comes with a Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO), which identifies exactly where, when and how it was produced. This gives you complete traceability and assures you that your gas comes from authentic biogas sources.

ENGIE itself is a registered supplier with the Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS). This certification means that every green gas contract we sign is registered with the scheme administrator, a subsidiary of the Renewable Energy Association. Certified gas is tracked from its injection into the network to its sale to consumers, ensuring there is no double counting and providing certainty for businesses that buy green gas.

All green gas supplied by ENGIE is sourced from within the UK, helping to support the UK’s energy independence. Buying green gas also supports the local economy where the biomethane plant is located, since the organic matter required for biogas production must be sourced locally, and by-products from the process can be supplied to agricultural and other sectors as fertiliser.

How our Green Gas is produced

Benefits for your business:

✓ Reduce your carbon em


✓ Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

✓ Assurance that gas is RGGO-backed, from accredited sources

✓ Support UK gas producers and local economy

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